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i have an ear infection and am on cortisporin but im stillin tons of pain and my ear is clogged, is this normal?

Posted by Risseroni

now i feel that maybe it is traveling to my other ear.... should i use the drops in there too?
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If you have a lot of pain with an ear infection, its more often an outer ear infection rather than a middle ear infection. The medications for the two overlap a little so that cortisporin may help both, but, there may be a better one for an outer ear infection. Also, if the infection is not resolving quickly, often an oral antibiotic, like Levaquin, may help as well. Lastly, its often necessary to clean out some of the infected debri from the ear canal to eliminate the infection. This may need to be done more than once over several weeks. Only an ENT doctor can do this properly.  If you have not seen an ENT doctor yet, you should. 
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