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I have a small lump behind my left ear along my jaw bone that is sensitive to touch. Help?

Posted by Stephanieee

I noticed the lump last night, and it is very very sensitive to touch. It falls just under my left ear, right a long the jaw bone. The other side hurts as well, but there is no lump present. I was sick recently, but did not have this problem at all during the sickness. The only other change that I have recently done is gauged my ears, which I don't think there is any correlation between the two. Does anyone seem to think they know what this could be? Should I be concerned?
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hi just wondering if you had it checked? Iv discovered something that sounds identical . Im very paniced as My sister died from cancer of the lungs last year and Im also pregnant on my 6th child.. going to my gp monday now 1st thing
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