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I have a shoulder injury. Which muscle is injured?

Posted by xochitlteller

I have a shoulder injury. I can't even pick up a light object without pain under the following conditions, If my palm is up and the arm is bent forward at the elbow, If I rotate the palm inward (as in opening a door) there is shulder pain. Which muscle is screwed up and how do I fix it? I have full range of motion with every other thing I can do with the shoulder.. I can reach over my head. I cannot do a palm up curl with even 5 pounds without pain. Any extension of the right arm with a twisting motion at the hand wrist or causes pain in the shoulder.
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Based on your symptoms, it sounds like you've injured your bicep.  Possibly the proximal biceps tendon.  I'd seek out a good sports orthopedic surgeon in your area and get evaluated.

Good luck and post your results.

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