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i have a painful tingling sensation in my jaw when i chew/drink. do u know what could e causing this?

Posted by Chicken

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Hi Chicken: Love the name!

Have you been in any car accidents recently? Did it just start by itself?

Well the first thing I thought of with your symptoms was maybe TMJ.

After some research, I found this to capture the best. I'm going to just copy it here for you rather tell you to go there. Hope you find this helpful. I think you will.


Health Maven

This information came from Webmd:

Call your dentist or other health professional immediately if you have had an injury to your jaw or face and:

  • Your jaw is very painful.
  • Your jaw is locked open or shut, or you are unable to move your jaw easily or smoothly (a sign of disc displacement, dislocation, or fracture).
  • Your jaw appears to be deformed or swollen.
  • There is swelling in the sides of your face.
  • Your teeth no longer fit together normally when biting down (malocclusion).
  • A severe headache or neck ache strikes suddenly, without apparent cause, or is different from previous headaches.

Call your dentist or other health professional if you:

  • Have pain when moving your jaw (biting, chewing, swallowing, talking, or yawning) that is not getting better after 2 weeks of home treatment.
  • Have had jaw pain for a long time (chronic).
  • Have anxiety, stress, or work-related problems caused by your jaw discomfort and pain.
  • Continue to have symptoms (such as pain with clicking or cracking sounds or your jaw locks) after 2 weeks of home treatment.
  • Notice a change in the way your teeth fit together when you close your mouth.



Thanks for your help. No i've been in no car accidents recently. This just began by itself. It started with a tingling and uncomfortable feeling(like nerve pain) as I swallow, after eating breakfast my jaw began to slightly swell just below the TM joint line. My friends suggested the possibility of mumps but I don't feel unwell??

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