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I have a neck lymph node that swells up on a reocurring basis. I've been tested for Mono, Strep, etc but all were neg.

Posted by singleguy1979

My left neck lymph swells up with no other problems accompanying it and then goes away and returns weeks or months later.  This has been going on for over a year.  It was swollen again a few months ago and did accompany a terrible sore throat and fever.  I admitted myself to the emergency room and was tested for Mono, Strep, etc.  Both tests came back negative.  I was given antibiotics (as well as a very strong shot of an antibiotic in case of an STD as a precautionary measure).  The swelling went away but has returned again - this time with no other side effects.  I don't have a cold or fever or sore throat, etc.  I feel fine otherwise.  What in the world can this be?

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