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I have a lump in my arm wher I had a metal plate put in over 6 weeeks ago when my ulna was shortened. What could this be?

Posted by pennelope77

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Thanks. I did see the doctor and he said that it is just swelling from the edge of the plate. Apparantly, I bump it a lot without realizing and it causes irritation and swelling.

Thanks for the input,


Hi, I'm not sure how old this blog is but I am having similar problems.  I had my left ulna osteotomy almost a year ago and about a month ago fell, fracturing the head of the ulna.  The next morning I awoke with a quite painful lump about 2 inches long over the center of the plate, not where the fracture is.  x-ray showed the lump as soft tissue swelling but no other cause for the lump.  It's still there and still painful. 
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