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I have a burning sensation in my lower left leg, there is no pain, rash or swelling, please what might it be?

Posted by rowlyskins

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You could have peripheral neuropathy. Are you diabetic? Do you smoke? Do you have a history of vascular disease (narrowing/hardening of the arteries)? Diabetes and smoking can both cause vascular disease, which impairs cirulation of blood to the extremities. This in turn can damage the nerves in that area, which can cause a lingering, constant burning pain. Unfortunately this pain responds poorly to standard pain meds. Capsaicin creams can help, and there are newer drugs like neurontin that can give some relief too. If your blood sugar has not been checked in a while, you may wish to have this done - in th past the onset of neuropathy was often the first sign of diabetes that the patient would notice. If this pain does not respond to OTC pain relievers, and doesn't go away, i would advise you to see a doctor relatively soon.

Hope this helps.

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