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I had the time of my life!!

Posted Aug 10 2010 12:00am
I had the most amazing 30th Birthday yesterday surrounded by close family and friends.  There was everything burgers on order, sarnies, pizza, chicken bites, bbq chicken, the works!  All thanks to my mum and her lovely partner!  They really put on a spectacular spread for me and my friends to enjoy!

I couldn't help smiling all day. Had my tiara on by 10am and was answering to door to the postman around three times!  The first time was my ballons in a box which came at 7am (not impressed :-() and then from there on I was getting odd looks...there were points of the day where I felt I was entering a beauty pagent or something...

My maxi dress is rather nice and I am so glad I chose it to wear.  It fits really well and the bright swirly colours are just fabulous.  I was more chuffed when I found a matching nail polish colour to complete the look.  Because I'm short I do fret about dresses that are long but then I soon remember as trying on the garment that my daddy long leg body works wonders!!  I usually never need to take up anything as I have long legs, yay!! With flats it is the perfect length.

I did stress about my hair as I get exhuasted trying to use GHDs it requires strength and effort that I just dont have.  But I managed to find a way to do a quick press and then had to lie down to recover for a bit. Then up I got again, positioned my 'oh so important' tiara and made my hair work around it in a loose, bed head way...great :-)

I was meeting and greeting friends from 2pm, I ahd fun with my friends little girl who came to visit me and also gorgeous K and E who chose a sunflower for me!  How special!!  They chose where it should be positioned on my balcony alongside the tomatoes and cucumber!  I told them about my terrible track record for plant survival but promised I would love and talk to it. Think my sunflower needs a name.  I will ask the lil uns and see what they want!!!

Early evening we all made our way upstairs to the rooftop where the drinks flowed, conversations heightened...everyone mingling, eating and having fun!  Many of my Thomas Cook family were there which was so so amazing especially after a hard days work!!  More friends arrived and everyone just chilled and watched the sunset.

We then went back down in the lift to my pad and the birthday cake was lit.  I made a little speech which did end in a tear or two as I was just overwhelmed by the love in the room...sounds gushy but really there's nothing better in the world than feeling loved!!

A little train got cake round to everyone, some friends had to make their way back as they had a long journey back and a few stayed on.  The eve ended with me sandwiched between two friends on the sofa having a good old chat and nibbling on the mountain of sandwiches and cakes leftover.  I had to be careful, being postransplant not to eat from the dip tray and to take food as it was prepared.  I escaped mid eve to take my tacrolimus but apart from that I hope that I was no longer Lu the sick one but Lu the one full of life, restored again and so so thankful for every moment of her life.  I did think of my donor and their family loads yesterday.  I can't help but do that.  I am here because of someone else's altruism and kindness.  I still feel amazed every single day.

I wrote a letter to my Professor recently as I wanted to thank him and the team so so much for everything they have done and continue to do for me!  I popped some photos in too for him to see me well and having a good time.  You know, I could dwell on the pain aspects of my daily life.  The fact that I cannot jump unless I want to have severe shortness of breath, the fact that I can't bend down because it realy hurts and I simply cannot catch my breath and need help to get back up and that I will never be able to swim.  But I have modified my life so that I can do things and I plan provisions and try and do the best I can with the special gift I have.

I do literally wake up everyday with a spring in my step and I have learnt to listen to my body and if it means making adjustments to plans and cancelling planned events then thats better than to really overdo it and end up really poorly.

I am off to look at my lovely cards and the wonderful emails, facebook messages and texts!!  Thanks to my fam 'Down Under' who text me a lovely bdy message!!  I wonder what time they were up to send it??? Thank you so much.  Here are a few pics from my special 30th day

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