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I get chest pains and jaw pain, but, after drinking cold water, the pain goes away...

Posted by firedog

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I have the exact same thing. Your posting is the only one I have found that describes these symptoms. Have you been able to find any answers?
I have same also.  Dr. is perplexed.  I will see a gastrenterologist soon.  Feels like angina but cool drink does not relieve angina!
I have same thing. I spent two days in a top cardiac hospital after having this pain. they put me through the whole work up. they ruled out heart problems, lung problems but could not rule out reflux. This is something I have been battling for years. I take 2 - 40 mg nexium every day and have been for almost ten years now. I have been to speciallists, had many scopes, ct scans.... NUTHIN'!! for me it pretty much boils down to I get the pain when Im not being careful about what I eat and when I eat. to much of and the wrong kind of, to close to bedtime and im in pain. At least for me. make sure you get completely checked out. then get some alka seltzer!

I have the same pain which is relieved by sipping water.  I don't know when this was first posted but I would really like to find out if anyone can tell me what it is?


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