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i feel like there is something stuck in my throat when i swallow or cough. Is this related to recent bronchitis epidsode?

Posted by fishkjk

I don't smoke but get frequent bouts of bronchitis and this feeling of lump in my throat has happened before.

I was told I may have asthma and worry that its something more serious since I feel like when I cough that it feels like I'm coughing up something attached to my body,lol.

when I swallow, eat or cough it feels like I have something in there, the way it would feel if there was a pill stuck or something.

i have had barium swallows and xrays and there is never anything there but it clicks when I swallow sometimes and can be felt when i put my finger on the outside of my neck.

I did have an endoscopy about 2 yrs ago and was told that my throat was tight so they stretched it but there was nothing else.

My throat is now very raspy and I am frustrated as I am trying to get rid of this lingering bout of bronchitis. Any ideas?? 





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