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I fainted yesterday. The last thing I remember was a circle of lights in my left eye.

Posted by MEH

I was only out for a few minutes, but now my left eye is red and swollen.  I can barely see out of my left eye - everything is cloudy and out of focus.  The area around it, forehead to cheek, it kind of numb and a bit swollen.  Any idea what happened?

I've had the same kind of dizziness or light-headedness before.  My heartrate gets really high and I can hear a rushing, pounding noise in my ears.  Usually I just lie down for ten or fifteen minutes and it stops.  Yesterday was the first time I actually blacked out and the only time I remember this perfect circle of little lights.  The noise was deafening yesterday as well. 

I'm thinking of going over to the walk-in clinic - the change in vision is really bothering me.

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Passing out or losing consciousness is always a serious problem! Anyone who experiences such episodes should see their doctor to evaluate for more serious conditions. Your eye problem also sounds potentially serious - you should get your eyes checked for signs of trauma.
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