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I do not what I have... My skin gets in a sunburn like cycle: My skin gets red and warm and my body aches... Please read details

Posted by asker2010

Every time I got the flu, my skin gets in a sunburn like cycle: My skin gets red and and warmer, gets hyper-sensible. My face is not affected. During 2 to 3 days I feel tired and all my body aches like if I have fever. I even gets chills (All that I do is go to bed using 2 or 3 blankets). After couple of days, my skin gets extra dry and peels off. It also gets itchy, so I have to control the itching by taking antiallergic. After a week or two using creams for dry skin therapy I got to normal again.


What worries my most is that this has been progressive over the years. At the beginning the redness was only around the wrist, then it started to spread, then I started feeling  with heat symptoms.

OTC antihistaminic does not reduce the redness or do nothing, it only helps with the itching. I have never been allergic to any food, medicine, fabric, etc.

On couple of occasions I have have this same symptoms when I get indigestion or   a food intoxication.


I can provide more details upon request.

Please comment or advice. Thank you for reading.

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