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I do not know what could be causing this.. I have numbness in the sides of my neck, face, jaw, forehead and more...

Posted by jgenna

My eyes also itch and are numb by my the temples.. my scalp goes so numb that I can't feel the heat from my blowdryer.. My teeth and tonque also lose sensation.  It has now traveled to my lower abdomen, lower back with pain (almost whatI would call my buttbone), even my private area is numb.  I do also get numbness on the top of my hands and top of my feet which sometimes makes me itch.  Not sure this is related, but I am constipated and even an enema does not help.. and  my bladder is constanstly contracting one sip of water and I instantly get the urge to go..  I am so confused and my doctor is passing it off as anxiety.  I have had anxiety in the past and this is NOT what it feels like.  PLEASE HELP if you can!

One more thing I remembered, that might be useful.. I do have neck problems with some damage to C-2, C-3, C-4, & C-5.. with some dark spots in C-4 (did bone scan did not come back cancerous)

Thank you!

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 Dear JGenna,

Numbness in your face is a serious concern. It could be caused by a brain tumor. See your doctor immediately. I hope, you did already. Take care.


I have seen my regular doctor and he wrote it off as just anxiety.. and that I should come back in a few weeks if it continues. That really frustrates me that he is not listening!
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