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I Climb Mountains and I Don't Want Pizza!

Posted Jul 19 2009 10:17pm

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post from Emily Boller of and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of DiseaseProof or Dr. Fuhrman.

Recently, my two sons, my brother, and I went hiking. The climb was steep and strenuous, but the view at the summit was gorgeous, well worth the physical exertion that was expended to capture its magnificence.

Three years ago, when I was obese, and carrying around almost a hundred extra pounds, I could only make it a third of the way up due to shortness of breath and exhaustion.

Unfortunately, I never got to see the breathtaking views from the summit. In fact, past a certain point in the climb, one never sees an obese person.

Not only did I make it to the summit with little effort this time, that evening I asked my 20-year-old son if he’d like to go back, and watch the sunset with me. We reached the summit in record speed.

At that moment, I vividly recalled one person’s response to the infamous, “How did you do it?” Question that many, including complete strangers, have asked me throughout this past year of getting my health back.

After telling the basics of being a nutritarian, I recall one person saying “Oh, I could never give up pizza!”

Give up pizza? Ha. She had absolutely no clue. I didn’t give up pizza. I don’t want pizza!

Because I eat high-nutrient foods, my body has become so well nourished that it no longer craves junk. In fact, now, a year later, pizza isn’t even on my radar screen of desire, because the addictive craving for junk food is completely gone.

Being a nutritarian not only gave me my health back, but my entire life back? I can now overcome mountains of adversity!

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