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I am struggling with my BP...

Posted May 27 2009 2:43pm
Wellthey are adjusting my BP medicine again. I appreciate the fact they want to minimize how many I takebut it is a little irritating to have a normal BP (130/80 is  normal)and now I have BP readings that are all over the board. In the morning it is normaland then it ranges from normalto really high (165/105) at night. I have another appointment on Friday to follow up with the Dr. to try to give me a more normal BP. For the timeI am only on 20 mg of Lisinopril. I used to be on 20 mg of Lisinopril and 5 mg of Amlodipine. Since they took away the Amlodipinemy BP has been crazy. I don't know if the BP is normal while I adjust to the medicationsor if I need to be on Amlodipine. The problem is that I want to self-medicate and just take the Amlodipine. The problem is that it may not be the best for me. I guess that I will have to wait until Friday to find out what I will be taking. I knowpatiencepatiencepatience!
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