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I am sick on AMox and not feeling better, should I go back to my PCP...see details

Posted by nas

I am a healthy 36 y/o female with a history of allergies living in FL, 5 months pregnant.  My symptoms are: productive cough, low grade fever, body aches (neck and upper back, shoulders), swollen anterior cervical glands R>L, throat pain L>R, fatigue, sinus pressure with pain when I bend over. No chills, wheezing or belief that it is in my chest.  I have had both flu shots.  I work in the hospital as a P.T. I am taking Mucinex and Sudafed in the AM, Benadryl when I go to sleep.  My OB started me on Amox 500mg TID 2 days ago. She did not do an exam, palpate or auscultate. My secretions have decr, but otherwise not better. Should I see my PCP or ride this Abx course? This started 3-4 weeks ago, saw a PCP then, did not take Abx and it got a little better, but now is a lot worse.
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Amox is contraindicated to pregnant women!  My advice is go to your PCP and stop taking Amox.

As to Mucinex, it may be harmful to an unborn baby.Why are you taking it?



I am not sure where your info comes from.  I have had 3 PCP/Internal Mediciine doctors and 1 OB doctor who told me that amoxicillian is the safest antibiotic to give during pregnancy.  Also, I had a high risk OB look up guifenesin (which is what Mucinex is) and said that it was fine to take. 

In case you are referring to extended release amox, I am taking 500mg, 3x per day.  It is a Group B drug, althoug the high risk OB says he doesn't like to narrowly go by those ratings.  He reads the research himself when looking up a drug.

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