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I am Not Five Years old Anymore

Posted Jan 28 2013 10:04pm

I am only 19 years old, I should not be worried about the gluten free autoimmune disease connections that have been flooding the news and media lately. I am a gluten free eater, so everything that is broad casted about it I pay very close attention to. But when this new development hit my parents began bombarding me with calls and texts asking me if I had heard, like it was some mystery that had just been solved. I had to talk my mother off her ledge at least three times, explaining that I am not putting myself in harms way by eating healthier. My dad on the other hand tried a firmer approach and demanded I begin eating differently, really? I just wish that at some point in time they would realize I am no longer five years old and sitting in their lap waiting for the next adventure to begin. 

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