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I am bleeding blood clots and blood pours out of my rectum when I have a bowel movement and sometimes it itch what's the problem

Posted by getitcuzithurts

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My God,

Any time when blood comes out of a place, where it is not supposed to come out of–one should consult a doctor. It seems you have hemorrhoids–swollen veins in your colon, which burst from straining when you have a bowel movement. The way you describe it, would suggest visiting a doctor immediately, have a rectal check-up and probably colonoscopy. Watch your diet, so that your stool is soft and regular, you don't have to excessively strain to pass the stool and make your rectal swelling(s) burst–that explains the blood clots. See a doctor ASAP!     

I was just told I have a blood clot on my left thigh . I.m taking lovanax shots twice a day. My left foot, ankle, leg and knee swelling wont go down.  What should I do to get thw swollen down?.

See a doctor immediately - or yesterday!


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