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Humiliation Versus Humility

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

Humiliation has been a profound factor in my life recently and over the years.

Humiliation comes in many forms it could be described in situations as.......

Walking down the street with your dress tucked into your underwear.

Desperately needing to scratch your genitals in public, you know that piercing deep itch that makes you tap dance.

Trying to not pass gas in public, so you suck it up, try to reach the other room devoid of people or the toilet. But as you take that fatal step a symphony of pop,pop,pop and squelch escapes all the way out of the room as you turn red with shame.

Getting caught picking your nose in public.

Or it could be puking in public, peeing yourself on a trampoline while wearing shorts...........the list is endless the funniest are when other people injure themselves in private places.

As Children

Being chastised by a parent in public.

Wearing hand me downs your older siblings wore, which isnt so bad except your the mistaken kid who's 10 years late and the fashion expired 10 years earlier.

Having your parents still hold your hand to cross the road...... your 15.

Being caught making out...catching your parents making out.

Your parents turn up drunk and already in a screaming fight at every family/public event you attend.

Your mum still has massive hair, with a burnt perm, listens to George Michael day and night and believes it still cool and fantastic that "pooh pants" are back in with plastic jewellery and gigantic tee shirts with pixie boots.
Except her boobs hang lower than the baggy Tshirt and the flourescent eye make up is clogged in the eye over hang.
While your dad sports a Mullet the same as Joe Dirt, wears AC/DC Tee Shirts with his ciigies folded into the sleeve and believes he still looks hot in his super tight stone washed jeans with his Panis(what they call a gigantic flap of fat the hangs off the stomach) being used as his own private beer table.....Its 2009, not 1989.

As adults it gets worse...
I'm not talking about adult self induced humiliation practises such as B.D. S and M.

Our wisdom and life experiences teaches us that the stuff above is small cheese in relation to adult humiliation. These days due to technology it can be flung far and wide for all to see, maximising the effect.

As adults people are meaner, more cunning, less caring.It could be humiliation in the workforce, from a partner, a friend, family, or from a professional who is there to assist you.

It is humiliating to be judged on a medical illness and not who you are as a person and attributes while seeking work.

It is humiliating when a Nurse/Doctor blurts out in front of your friend/family something from your medical past that you have put behind you and your friend is totally unaware of.

When your husband is shagging your sister in law and everyone knows but you. People either think your stupid for not seeing it, pity you, don't want to be the messenger and be shot or think they will have a go with your husband also.

Its humiliating not to be believed or understood.

It humiliating having to ask for Government assistance when having to leave an abusive Husband/partner you were married to for years but you walk away with virtually nothing...because you so desperate to get away. Then people look down on you like you must have been a teenage unwed uneducated solo mother for receiving a benefit.
You struggle week by week, while the ex lives it up having luxurious holidays.

Being left in a rest home laying about in your own faeces and urine while your still completely cognitive and aware however you have a disability.

To have private videos posted on you Tube or some random weird site.

I believe the worst humiliation's are these...
Being left in a vulnerable position in Hospital and totally dependant on health professionals to help you. Except they don't help you and you end up animalistic in agonising, unremittant pain for all to hear. Because the staff are being judgemental and have a bee in their bonnet.

When you trust and believe in someone, they use you and you find out they have lied the whole time to meet a need.

Or when you are in a relationship or dating someone and the whole time the other person is actually wanting to shag your friends/sister/brother..whatever, or they are standing beside you and openly are flirting and eyeing up other women. Then forget your there and walk over to the prettier girl.

Humility is what some people need, they need a lesson in life, morals, love, respect and compassion.

What are your most humiliating moments. Sphere: Related Content
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