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How to Write: Lessons From My Writing Class

Posted Jan 05 2013 12:00am 1 Comment

I just finished teaching an undergraduate class called Academic Writing at Tsinghua. One semester, pass/fail, about 10 students. The last assignment was list six things you’ve learned. Combining the answers, I came up with this:

1. Don’t tell readers what they already know. This came up a lot when I discussed how to write a personal statement. “Your university has an excellent program in X” no, don’t say that.

2. To make your writing moving, focus on your own thoughts and emotions. Moving = evoking emotion. Evoking emotion was enormously important, I said.

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Seth, I agree with what you said. One should write something he feels interested in I can say this because when I started writing I initiated writing about my daily stuff and sooner it became my habit and now when I write for I feel so good.
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