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How to stay healthy during party season this Christmas

Posted Dec 13 2010 11:27am

The run up to Christmas can be a busy time, with presents to buy, decorations to put up and parties to attend. Whilst this time of year can be a lot of fun, it can be a time when healthy living routines go out the window. Eating the wrong food, drinking too much and not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling rundown and lethargic.

So how you can you get through the party season, avoid getting a cold or flu and stay healthy? These tips should help:

Get 30 mins of exercise a day –As well as burning off some of the calories from mince pies, going for a stroll before work or during your lunch break is a great way of relieving stress, improving your immunity system and giving your body extra energy to fight off germs.

Eat healthily –It can be tempting to delay the diet until January and indulge your taste buds over Christmas. But it’s sensible to eat fatty foods in moderation and opt for fresh fruit and nuts when you’re feeling peckish. This will help keep you energised and feeling healthy.

Get plenty of sleep– With so much to do and parties to attend, getting 8 hours sleep a night might seem like a luxury. But the fact is that sleep is needed to maintain a healthy immune system and give your body strength to ward of colds and flu.

Don’t drink heavily twice in 48 hours –The best hangover cure is to drink in moderation and drink a soft drink with every alcoholic beverage. However, if you do find yourself nursing a sore head after too many mojitos, drink lots of water and give your body time to recover before hitting the party scene again.

Following these tips should help you stay healthy during this Christmas’ party season. But if you do find yourself feeling rundown and lethargic, pop down to your local pharmacy. They’ll

be able to recommend types of medication and natural remedies you can use to sooth a sore head, help you sleep, boost your immune system and help you enjoy this special time of year.


Article contributed by All About Health – a resource of health advice and information that aims to spread awareness on the health services(such as weight management, stopping smoking and cholesterol screening)available in your local pharmacy.

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