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How to reduce the stress on the heart (follow up stomach heart connection)

Posted Feb 04 2011 10:09am

Today is a long awaited (and overdue) issue to help with the problems associated with the stomach-heart connection.  I described this connection last week with some very labor intensive reading.  So today, I am going to describe some simple ways we can “tune down” the stress that starts on the stomach and ends in the heart.

1.  Improve digestion – This would come by taking a digestive enzyme before meals.  A digestive enzyme helps aid in proper break down of food to get it past a gut lining that is inflamed.

2.  Improve bowel elimination - This goes hand in hand with #1.  Constipation is defined as having less than one bowel movement a day.  Proper enzyme support, along with a balanced spine will help the bowels function more normally.  Also, removing white sugar and flour from the diet and increase fruits and veggies is a must.

3.  Diet correction – Like #2 removing white sugar and flour from the diet and increase fruits and veggies will help with bowel elimination and digestion.  This will also give the body vital nutrients it needs along with natural enzymes to clean up crap in the body.

4.  Spinal alignment – Even though this is listed as #4 it is #1 in importance.  Without proper nerve functioning the body cannot function properly.  Proper spinal alignment is the keystone to health.

5.  Exercise – Regular exercise will force the body to deep breath which means it will pump the lymphatic system.  Pumping the lymphatics will increase the immune system and clean out the crap between the cells.  It is key to proper detoxification of the body.

6.  Orthotics – Proper foot alignment will help relieve excessive stress on the body and remove unwanted muscle contraction.  This will improve energy and less is used trying to keep the body upright.

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