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How to lose weight with a large umbilical hernia?

Posted by Sally

I have a large umbilical hernia. I was born with a small hernia. Over the yrs the hernia has enlarged. I am in my 50's. I saw a surgeon and I got answer I did not feel comfortable with. Such as: People can live with hernias, it is a very dangerous operation, it could mess my bowels up and the bulge wouldn't go down even if I had an operation. This dr didn't even know where my naval was. Then he ended it by saying well it is what ever you want to do. My insurance don't pay a lot. I had to pay this dr. 175 which my insurance only  paid 150 for information like this. I don't have that kind of money to keep going to drs. What should I do?  I have loss about 10 lbs. Is there any exercise I can do? I work in retail and have to stand a lot. After about 4 hrs this hernia starts hurting. Do you have any suggestions?

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