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How to know when your surgeon doesnt want to fix the problem

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
Photo link here
When they tell you in one sentence "I think your leakage may be caused by A. not tightening the mechanism enough or because of what happened last September", then ten minutes later they tell you " no we will wait until the stone is gone to see if it reduces the infection, which helps stop the leak". What a load of complete, delaying, mind numbing bollocks. The stone wasn't even there when the leak started before they removed the catheter with the last surgery. The leak took up residence from day one of he original surgery.
I now believe they don't want to fix the issue. Maybe... they are hoping I get Swine Flu or something random like major sepsis and die before they can remove the stone in a few months time.. umm that would solve a couple of issues *thumbs under chin thinking pensively* yes I'm still pissed off. There are some things that really get under my skin this is one of them.
Moan Ends, back to doing assignment yuck.
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