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How to Heal Sleep Apnea – Eliminate the CPAP

Posted Jan 08 2012 11:46am

As you have read from my recent post , sleep apnea is a very serious disease.  There seems to currently be an increase with sleep apnea like many other chronic diseases.  All of these diseases follow very closely the reduction of the amount of vitamin D that is produced in the population from sun avoidance as promoted by our medical professionals for the last fifty years.  In addition, air conditioning and electronic ‘toys’ keep us trapped when we would otherwise be outside soaking up the sun.

Symptoms of sleep apnea include:

Daytime sleepiness
Memory Issues
Body pains
High blood pressure
Heart disease which includes arrhythmia and heat attack

Would you like to get rid of that CPAP?  There is hope.  It is possible!  It took me two years because my sleep apnea was so severe.  I had sixty events per hour or an AHI of 60.  That is I would hold my breath for thirty seconds; and then, breathe for thirty seconds for the full sixty minutes in an hour.  This would drive my blood oxygen saturation to extremely low levels to say nothing of the lost sleep.  My health was bad as I was nearing death.

After my polysomnagrapy, the neurologist described what he felt was nothing more than obstructive sleep apnea.  That is I was so fat at a BMI of 32 that my ‘fat was closing my airway when I slept.’  I suggested that perhaps some of it could be coming from all of the spinal cord issues that I had with degenerative disc disease.  He simply shook his head and said that he did not see anything to suggest that it was central sleep apnea or coming from my central nervous system.  On a later MRI by my neurosurgeon, it was discovered that I had severe stenosis at C3-C4 cervical disc.  This location is the origin for the nerve root that supports lung function.  This diagnosis also explained why I sometimes would just stop breathing during my awake time.  I had another professional tell me it was just stress.

The CPAP was a blessing because it cleared up a lot of the symptoms.  However, it is a real ‘evil’ device when you have to use it even to take naps.  I know that if you have used this device that you recognize the truth of what I have just said.  Enough oxygen and enough sleep is always a necessity to life.  A breathing mask on your face or a nasal cannula stuck up your nose, supported by a band wrapped around your head, and tied by a hose to a mechanical air pump is well, just ‘evil.’  This device belongs in the twentieth century and not the twenty-first.

There is now at least one neurologist that finally is practicing medicine and not the politically correct NIH guidelines.  Dr. Stasha Gominak , Tyler Texas, discovered vitamin D and its effects on sleep in 2009.  I first discovered her work through Henry LeHore at .  She has now been treating patients for two years with vitamin D and magnesium with great success including the elimination of the CPAP device.  If you have sleep apnea, I would suggest that you review her website closely so that you will know how to talk with your neurologist about this treatment.  In a recent email I described all sleep apnea as being related to the central nervous system except for extreme obesity and her response was “You’re right, it’s all central, if you can breathe through your neck when you’re awake you can breathe through it while sleeping, until your paralysis in sleep kicks in.  — explanation of how the CNS works in sleep———- Be careful to follow your levels [25(OH)D], the sleep disorder comes right back when you go over 80. Keep it 60-80 and you’ll do great. Once you get the vitamin D connection the morbid obesity is explained by the D deficiency as well, so it’s not obesity causes sleep apnea, it’s that obesity and sleep disorders of many kinds both arise from D deficiency.”

We applaud your efforts Dr. Gominak and thank you for your work in helping the sufferers of the many chronic diseases that are a result of vitamin D deficiency!

Dr. Gominak’s info:

Vitamin D Hormone ‘I have left the link visible to be sure you can connect.’

Video Lecture on Sleep and Vitamin D and Magnesium:   5 part series   First video is middle of left hand column.

I know that you may be restless and tired, but get excited, go to this website or have your neurologist go there and then do the treatment.  Dr. Gominak does a great job in an entertaining lecture on how we got to where we are in the treatment of sleep disorders and what to do about it as well as her journey of discovery.

I have been without a CPAP and healed of sleep apnea since 2008.  Be well, sleep well, and go into the sun!  Pandemic Survivor

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