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how to get rid of rash from using chantix

Posted by hopeless

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How bad is your rash?  Here are a few options for curing a rash:

-Try a full body cleanse

-Apply fresh aloe vera extract on the rash about 3 to 4 times a day

-Take an oatmeal bath (pour one cup of uncooked or boiled oatmeal in your bath and soak yourself for about 15 minutes without using soap) 

 -Chamomile tea treatment (boil one bag of chamomile tea and soak washcloths in the steeped tea)

-Eat citrus fruits rich in vitamin C 


If you have a rash with skin peeling skin, please seek medical attention.

I have the rash on the back of my neck on my scalp and in the private area, that is the only place I have it.
How long have you had the rash?
I was on Chantix for 5 months and I got it about a couple of months after I started taking it, I did not associate the chantix with the rash it looks alot like exzema.
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