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How to filter your ambient air ...

Posted Dec 28 2012 10:32am
How to filter your ambient air this was taken from: Kennel Cough (Canine infectious tracheobronchitis) The Author believes cleaning thoroughly with Safe Solutions Tweetmint Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint will prevent most instances of kennel cough. You can also treat your dog with a capful of hydrogen peroxide and two teaspoons of honey mixed into a cup of clean water several times a day until the condition improves. You can carefully clean the mucus from around the dog's nose and eyes with baby wipes. Peppermint will help relieve coughs, so give your sick dog a few drops of iced peppermint tea with honey every hour until your pet stops coughing. Honey all by itself will soothe your pet's throat and it also acts as an antiseptic. Keep a humidifier on (with diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide - at a rate of 1 to 14 parts of water) and filter the air. Left untreated, your pet can develop pneumonia. Please see the Section entitled: Removing Allergens, Odors and Dander............................................................... Removing Allergens, Odors and Dander The Author recommends that you wash your pet with Safe Solutions Pet Wash once a month and then routinely clean with Safe Solutions Tweetmint Enzyme Cleaner and wash pet bedding as needed with borax per label directions. You can install expensive HEPA filters or you can get a 20-inch box fan. The older models are better than new models in the stores because the old models are quieter and move less air. Then purchase the Allergen Filtrete 1000 furnace filter by 3M in the red and white wrapper. Use masking tape - tape the filter making sure that you seal the filter's edges completely to the back of the fan, so the air is pulled thru the filter when you turn on the fan. If you attach the filter to the front of the fan very little air will pass through, and it puts a bad load on the motor. Do not even think about putting one of these filters on both the front and back. Run the fan on low 24 /7. Only the Filtrete 1000 works to visibly remove smoke odors. If you have cigarette smoke the 1000 rapidly turns grey, then coal black. Other Filtrete filters including the 700 model, or the 1200 utlra model stay white no matter how long you run the fan. The filter fan works better than putting the Filtrete furnace filter on your forced air furnace, because the window fan can be continuously run 24 hours, and moved from room to room. A box fan runs cheaper than a furnace fan too. When you see how black the filter gets, it will make you sick to your stomach to see what could have been in your lungs!. Breathe easier!
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