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How to Feel Pampered Even When Suffering From Night Sweats

Posted May 17 2008 3:43pm
We work hard and we play hard, so we all deserve to feel great even when we’re sleeping. In fact, there is nothing more refreshing than a beautiful and restful night’s sleep. Sometimes during menopause, sweet dreams may no longer be our reality. Do you toss and turn, feeling sticky and wet all night due to hot flashes and night sweats? If you are having menopausal sleep issues, you are not alone. Over 85% of menopausal women complain of night sweats and hot flashes. The good news is that there is a stylish and affordable answer to your problem.

A novel solution -- receiving outstanding reviews from its customers -- is sleepwear made with a fabric that "wicks" away sweat from the wearer due to a quick-drying, rapid-evaporative property. The fabric is Cool-jams moisture wicking smart fabric. It seems to sense what the body needs. This innovative fabric wicks away moisture, pulling the moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric and then dries very quickly. Cool-jams pajamas always keep you cool and dry when the temperatures are warm, and dry and cozy when the temperatures get cooler.

Cool-jams has developed an innovative collection of sleepwear available online at The collection includes nightgowns and pajamas in sizes small to 3X. With a large variety of styles and sizes, there is something for every woman. If you suffer from night sweats, try Cool-jams wicking pajamas…your stylish solution to night sweats and hot flashes. You deserve the best in life including a great night’s sleep….sweet dreams!

By Anita Mahaffey, Guest Blogger

Anita’s Bio

Anita Mahaffey is a 50 year old mother, wife and business owner. She started her career in corporate marketing, but after the birth of her second child she began her first stint as a business owner. She is now the owner of two companies. Funika, a private label apparel manufacturing business and Cool-jams, an online sleepwear business specializing in pajamas to help combat night sweats. You can find Cool-jams at In her spare time she loves to hike, run, do yoga and pilates and enjoys volunteer work with a variety of organizations. She also researches and writes health related articles and enjoys public speaking. Visit Anita’s blog at

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