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How to do a bladder washout

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm

This is how I do a bladder washout, in a IlealNeo Bladder.
The first step is to gather the equipment. Generally it comprises a 50ml syringe, Sodium Chloride for irrigation gloves(my preference), a 16f Nelaton Male Catheter, absorbent medical pad, a container, lube if preferred, and a clean swab to cover stoma(or bag in my case).

Step two picture two
I wash hands, put on gloves open all packages and draw up the saline. Some people may only draw up 20-30 mls I completely fill syringe. Firstly I burp the syringe by pulling back on it as it can be quite stiff trying to initially draw up the fluid.

I then place the catheter, and drain out any urine.
Then I attach syringe to the end of the catheter and push the fluid into the bladder(picture four).
This can be done several ways.
You can just let the fluid flow back out into the container, or after pushing fluid in, immediately pulling back withdrawing the fluid for removal.
Carefully positioning the end of the catheter with syringe attached over a container or toilet and removing the syringe letting the flow go into the container while emptying syringe out.
Generally I repeat the process until mucus runs clear.
Sometimes the catheter will suction onto the bladder wall, you will notice this as there will be no drainage. If this happens just use any fluid in syringe to break suction or take syringe off and gently move the catheter around a bit.
You can apply gentle or more aggressive pressure on the syringe full of fluid when doing a washout to stir up the mucus to ensure removal. Think of say a washing machine, clothes don't get clean by just sitting there.

Once the urine has run clear remove catheter and cover the area as needed. I do this a minimum of twice a day. The mucus is quite thick when infected, or just because it sill believes it is bowel. With the majority of people the mucus does settle down not causing many problems, though in some cases it is recommended to still do a bladder washout at least weekly to remove any mucus build up. Mucus can apparently also cause stones.
I know mucus is an issue due to a change in my taste buds (sour taste) or stomach ache. also a slowness in urinary flow. I have just been upgraded to a larger bore catheter from a 14 to a 16 due to mucus issues.
In the picture showing my abdomen it looks rather red, this is because I had just removed my two piece bag and it kind of mimics just being waxed:)
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