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How should I use creams, lotions and ointments?

Posted by Be Well

How should I use creams, lotions and ointments?
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Lotions are liquid - suitable for use on wet rashes (such as weeping eczema) or hairy areas. Creams are easy to spread and may be more suitable for normal or moist skin and flexure sites (in the skin crease areas such as behind knees and in front of the elbows).

Creams contain preservatives, which sometimes cause skin irritation such as redness and itching or worsening of eczema. Ointments have a deeper, more prolonged moisturising effect and increase penetration of ingredients. They are less likely to cause skin irritation than creams but are greasier and sometimes not as practical.

Generally, the more greasy the preparation, the better the moisturising effect (except on hairy areas).

Whichever type you use, apply it in the direction of the hair as it lies on the skin. Only open one pack of each type at a time and always replace the top of the container after use. This will help to prevent dirt and germs contaminating the preparation.

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