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how much can taking hydrocodone affect someone with hepatitus c?

Posted by mapvirgo915

Someone I love has had Hepatitus C for many years with a very high virul lode.  They had gone through the Pegasis treatment but unfortunately it only dropped the virul lode during the first three months.  Their infectious disease doctor advised them to stop taking the treatment after 6 months when no further change had occurred.  Since then, this person has used illegal drugs on and off and now their virul lode is through the roof again.  This person also suffers from chronic back pain and has recently been taking prescribed Hydrocodone as well as Vicodin off the street.  I know everything gets metabolized through the liver but I was wondering if this behavior could actually cause death in a person such as the one I have described?
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There is always the risk of death with the use of illegal drugs, but your loved one is at higher risk for death than the average person.
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