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how long should my daughter vomit bile before the flu will go away. she cant even drink a sip of water

Posted by mamacop

my child is 14, woke up vomitting this morning. It was pure bile, very yellow. she has vomitted five times since, each time is only bile. She has also had diarrhea three times that was only bile-like as well. this afternoon, after she had slept for two hours, she awoke feeling better and just very thirsty. we waited for a half an hour then i gave her two ounces of filtered, room temperature water. she was fine for a half hour, then dozed off for a half hour then woke up and vomitted again. She is very dehydrated. she has a bit of urine this morning, then this afternoon she said a couple drops came out but stung her. should i take her in to the hospital? i am  very concerned for the lack of fluids. she said a while ago she was dizzy when she tried to walk and that her vision was kind of "spots of light"
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I'd call the on-call doctor, if you don't have one, take her to the hospital.
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