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How long for the antibiotic Trimethoprim to work for bacterial bladder/UTI infection?

Posted by sweetie

Im female and 20. I had a bubble bath about 5 days ago, which I knew I shouldn't have had because I used to have previous kidney problems (completely now healed) and when I have a bath the perfume always makes me get an inflammation/infection.


So I had a long hot bubble bath with very perfumed products. Around that time and after I had no symptoms at all, apart from going more and more often to go to the toilet.


The day before yesterday I was starting to go to the toilet every 10-15 mins and I felt like I really couldn't empty my bladder at all, and sometimes the urine was leaking out a bit aswell. I got a fever (around 37.5 - 38 on digital thermometer) aches and pain in my lower abdomen and back and feeling a little unwell.


Yesterday I felt worse, I felt very ill and my pains were very uncomfortable and I still couldnt stop going to the toilet to pee, but hardly anything at all was coming out. So I went to my doctors last night and she didn't really know what was wrong. She took a urine sample from me and tested it with a dipstick, but it showed no infection, so she said it could just be an irritation/inflammation of the bladder? Yet I had a slight fever aswell..... She ruled out thrush and things like that, because I have not had any bad itching.


So I took my first tablet last night at about 8.30pm and I have been drinking alot of water and Cranberry juice, also not eating junk food, caffeine or alcohol. I took my second tablet this morning at 8.30 and I will take my next one at dinnertime, maybe between 6 - 8.30pm, would that be ok?


So I don't feel any different today, still feeling hot and then shivering cold, some aches in lower abdomen and back, full bladder feeling, frequent urination - although maybe a little less today, and a slight nauseous feeling and headache.


So how long will it take for this to work and will I feel worse before I get better? I only have a 3 day course to take.

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Simple cystitis will improve greatly within 24 hours of starting antibiotics. Trimethoprim will cure cystitis infections in about 90% of cases. It is the antibiotic doctors prescribe most frequently for cystitis. If symptoms are not improving in the first 24 hours, or have not gone completely at the end of 3 days, medical advice is needed. If symptoms worsen rather than improve medical advice is needed straight away. In your case I would seek medical advice from your MD or GP immediately.

Further information on Trimethoprim from Dr Fox website.

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