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How long can the side effects of a ear infection last?

Posted by Lisa Donato

I'm 30 years old and have an ear infection. I've been sick with cold and one night my left ear popped. It hurt a little and I went to bed. I woke up with muffled hearing and pain. This first day my ear hurt at times, especially when it "popped". Then there was one final pop and then constant pain on the side and back of my head. At a nurse's advice, I took decongestants and painkillers, also used ear drops to try to stop the pain. On the third day I went to urgent care because I couldn't hear anything out of my left ear, was nauseous, had a headache, lots of pressure in the ear and had a lot of ringing. The ringing and pressure seem to be the worst. I was put on Amoxicillan and am on my 5th day of Amoxicillan and decongestants. The doctor told me there might be fluid in the ear, so don't put any more drops and protect the ear with a cotton ball. He also said he couldn't tell if there was a hole in the eardrum (?) because he only saw a scab. How much longer can this continue for? The pain is gone, with the exception of occasional sharp pains, but the pressure and ringing continue. I am having trouble dealing with this, especially the ringing. Please help. Thanks! L
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Not sure how long your supposed to be on Amocicillan for but you should finish the whole dose the doctor gave you. I just found out today too I had a major ear infection in my right ear. For last few weeks my ear felt congested but found out its major ear infection also like you said with a hole in the eardrum. I heard a lot of popping/crackling noises for a few weeks and it wasnt that bad but after going to a concert last night I woke up this morning and felt like I couldnt hear anything! I was prescribed something else but im supposed to take it for 10 days. If you have wax or drainage I would suggest going to a ENT (ear nose throat) dr as thats what I will be doing around the ten days are up to get all the wax, drainage out as well as the bad bacteria. If you dont have an ENT should find one in your location they will be able to help. Hope it all works out but you aren't the only one going through it!
I too have an ear infection... I'm 30 and I've had them my whole life. This one came quite quickly. It was a full feeling and a bit clogged and itchy, and I knew that one was there, so I went to the doctors. He gave me drops, neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates and hydrocortisone otic... he said 4 drops 3x a day... I did the first day, I woke up the next morning at 5 am having to go to the emergecy room, as my ear basically closed shut and the whole area around my ear swelled up. I ended up getting an oral antibiotic - bactrim, which is very strong from the ER doctor, and he said I can continue the use of the drops, or not. I called my primary and he at first was going to prescribe me new drops ($123 later - I don't have them) and then he said to continue the drops I have. I hadn't put the drops in earlier that day, and I was starting to feel better. After he told me to continue using them, I put them in, and I was in more pain with them IN than not putting them in. I decided to listen to my body and STOP using the drops, continue my antibiotic cycle, and hope for the best. An ear infection and symptoms can last anywher from 7-10 days, so patience is the key to this. I hope mine goes away soon, and good luck with yours!
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