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How Licorice Helps in Acid Reflux

Posted Nov 05 2009 10:03pm
When you're in the mood for a little childhood sentimentality, retro sweets can work you up to a warm sweet cry. Yes, those nostalgic candies can really bring you to those times you thought you've lost forever. With old-fashioned candies, those days are just a sweet tooth away. Chocolate Footballs, Drumstick Lollies, Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Friendship Rings, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Jelly Cherry Lips, Kola Kubes, Parma Violets, Scented Satins, Space Dust, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Wham Bars - aren't you teary-eyed just yet?

When you were a kid, you never thought those traditional sweets could be anything more than kicks. Your favorite Licorice Wand, for example, never failed to make your day. But did you now it was actually made from an herb? And mind you, it's no ordinary herb. It is responsible for a long list of health benefits that you won't get with any other herb-based candy. If that just got you more interested in licorice, read on.

Aside from being your favorite old-fashioned sweets, licorice is essentially an herb known as Yashti-Madhu, sweet root, Spanish licorice and Glycyrrhiza glabra. It comes to us in many forms and may be obtained in a number of ways as well. One can find a licorice dealer online or look for those in traditional herb stores. If you're wondering why exactly there seems to be this fascination for the herb, there are many reasons but most of it can be attributed to its ability to promote expectoration.

This is also the reason why this property of the herb is often associated with acid reflux or the involuntary expulsion of gastric acids from the stomach upward through the GIT. Because the acids are quite strong, they could be very damaging to the GIT's mucus lining. Licorice helps by making it easier for an affected individual to expel this mucus and hasten the healing process. Surely, those licorice root retro sweets just may be more than palate treats.

Stress has been often associated with people who experience acid reflux, although it is not considered a cause. The reason for this association is simply based on the fact that a person who is exposed to significant amounts of stress are likely to have develop more severe symptoms. Licorice helps by boosting the body's ability to handle stress, thus, lessening the discomforts of the condition. In other words, the herb provides symptom relief but may not necessarily make the symptoms disappear. On of that, licorice is also believed to decrease the production of gastric acids, thus, controlling the possibility of one developing a tendency for acid reflux.

As a kid, you may have adored all those licorice sweets varieties because of their unique sweet taste. Now, you can have them for more useful reasons as safeguards to health. Get online and take a look at wholesale retro sweets shops while you develop a deeper appreciation for these old-fashioned sweets.

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