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How I relieve stress, and manage pain

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
Kind of. Well I missed my girl horrendously, with visions of her being placed on a connecting flight to Egypt. A fear I have had for many years now. But yay,I'm meeting her at the airport tonight!!!
For preservation of mental status I have some wee routines to deny any anxieties chance of overwhelming the body. Firstly I keep active, and find things to do around the house, while singing loudly to my animals to burn off adrenalin.
If energy levels are low and one can't concentrate, I watch movie s, or documentaries back to back.
I jump on the net and research or write on here. Reading other peoples blogs are my favourite past time.

I have a personal affirmation I say, which is Bring me Peace,Protection, Strength, and Security. I will repeat it over and over in my head until negative thoughts are gone.
If I'm feeling quite foul I avoid all people and hibernate until the stress has dispersed, that's how I recharge my battery's.
My friends have learned I am a hibernator, and not just being a cow.
I do smoke also*filthy, nasty habit*, but I don't do other vices.
I used to dance for up to six hours once a week, which was a great relief, though the health dictates now that I'M not quite up to it. But I do practice whole body relaxation and breathing.
So that is how I have survived over the years, with both stressors and ill health.
Distraction and or relaxation techniques, have been a god send.
I avoid anything like alcohol, as well it makes me sick. I would have made someone a cheap date.
When I did have the odd drink in the past I was happy go lucky, however I keep in mind it is a depressant also.
I have never done drugs, I would probably have a blimmin allergic reaction anyway lol.

I hung out with Fi last night and had a relaxing time. I actually haven't being feeling well for some time now, on Thursday night I had got up to move from the couch to my computer.
I was fine initially and then my heart was racing, I felt extremely nauseous and lethargic, unable to move for half an hour and my left arm was all tingly.
I thought umm this is so not o.k. I tried the relaxation stuff to no avail. I waited it out, all clammy like and then took a shower. I did consider the Dr, then rationalised the whole 'maybe its just the infection' gig, as the diarrhoea has been worse.
I have been feeling like this on and off for a week but this was the worst.
I still haven't been checked out for any Metabolic stuff that can go on with Urinary Diversions. There are many things that Urinary Diversion patients can lack in, and close follow up is recommended *except in mwah case*.
I thought also maybe I was stressed abit from my daughter flying out. But the symptoms have continued with heart racing on small exertion and weakness at times.
I don't see the Surgeon for 8 weeks, and my tests still haven't been done re surgery possibility.
So one will wait.........

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