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How Does Threelac Kill Candida?

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am

threelac-candida-treatmentOne of the most popular Candida fighting products out there is Threelac made by Global Health Trax. So why is Threelac so popular and how why does it seem to work at eliminating Candida?

Well, in a nut shell Threelac is nothing more than powerful probiotics. It contains three different active cultures in it and is formulated to deliver these active cultures to your intestines, unlike many probiotics that reach the intestines inactive because they were destroyed by stomach acid.

It works by increasing your good intestinal flora which creates an intestinal environment that Candida cells can’t thrive in. Many people have found great success with threelac, but it isn’t a magic cure. Candidiasis sufferers will still have to make dietary changes in order to see optimal results by committing to a Candida diet .

Threelac is a powder that contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and three probiotic cultures; Bacillus Coagulans, Bacillus Subtilis, and Enterococcus Faecalis. It also contains dietary fiber, a small amount of sugar, and refined yeast powder. It is lemon flavored and it’s recommended that adults take one packet a day to start with and then they may work up to several packets a day.

There are a few negative things I’ve found concerning Threelac. First, it is on the expensive side running around $50 USD/box which usually lasts about a month. Also some people can have allergic reactions to the Enterococcus Faecalis strain that’s in the product which causes very uncomfortable symptoms that are different than Candida die off symptoms . Third, the product contains sugar and yeast powder which would contradict what a candida diet would tell people to avoid.

Despite the negatives, there are many testimonials and reviews of people who experienced great results using Threelac to help eliminate Candida. If you have tried other products or are not experiencing great results on a Candida Diet alone, then you may want to consider adding Threelac to your Candida fighting regimen.


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