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How Do Volumizing Treatments Work?

Posted Feb 12 2010 10:01pm

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Chrissy’s quote…After years of limp hairI am seeking a hair routine that actually works. How do volumizing treatments work? What ingredients should I look for in a product like shampoo?

The Right Brain’s regrettable response:

Chrissyallow us to put this delicately: Remember when your parents told you about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? And you thought that was SO AWESOME? And then you found out that they weren’t realthat they were just a made up fantasy? Remember that?

Wellvolumizing shampoos and conditioners are kind of like that. There is no real ingredient technology that can volumize hair from a shampoo or a conditioner. At besta shampoo or conditioner can help volumize hair a little bit by NOT weighing it down. That’s because some shampoosand all conditionerswork by leaving a residue on hair. That’s great if you need conditioningbut this residue can weigh hair down and rob it of volume and body. “Volumizing” products are designed to leave less stuff on your hair so you keep more of the volume you have. Make sense?

Ohit’s also possible that you could say shampoos volumize because they’re getting dirt and oil off your hair that is weighing it down. So if that’s all the volume you wantany clarifying shampoo will do that.

If you really need to ADD volumeyour options are limited. You probably already know that moussesgelsetc help you get the volume you want in your style and hairsprays and spritzs help lock in volume. But you might not know that coloring your hair is a good way to add volume too because the coloring process damages the hair shaft and causes it to swell. Many women comment that their hair feels fuller after they have it colored. It’s not a great solution because it is damagingbut you might like the end results.

There’s really nothing a shampoo or conditioner can do to add volume to your hair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t believe in Santa Claus.

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