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How do I know if my child has head lice? OMG! Now what do I do?

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
How do I know if my child has head lice? OMG! Now what do I do?

The only real way to be sure your child really has head lice is to find a live louse or a nit. The nits are much easier to find than the head lice. Lice are not only tiny, they are incredibly fast and they are very difficult to find. Nits are the tiny lice eggs glued to the hair shaft. They are tear-dropped shaped and glued on to the hair strand.

To check for head lice nits you need good lighting directly above the head you wish to examine. Then, you should carefully look at the nape of the neck and around the ears. Take small sections of hair and carefully examine the scalp for lice and each section of hair for the tiny nits. If the infestation is not severe you might not find a single nit. Still not sure? Another simple way to check for nits is to take a nit comb and some hair conditioner. Put the hair conditioner on the hair for 10+ minutes; then run the nit comb through the hair, touching the scalp lightly and combing through to the end of the hair. Then wipe the hair conditioner off the nit comb onto a paper towel. If you have lice, you will see small tear-dropped specks in the smear. To learn more; please check out the free Lice chapter at:

Caution: Never use a prescription or over-the-counter pediculicide POISON to try to "control" head lice. Head lice have become resistant to these toxic chemicals. After using a toxic chemical, you still need to manually remove every single nit. If you do not, you will shortly have another head lice infestation.

Olive oil is a popular alternative head lice control. It works by suffocating the head lice, but olive oil does remove any of the terrible nits. Head lice need to be completely covered for at least 8 hours in order for them to finally die. This means that the olive oil must be put on your scalp and covered with a shower cap for at least 8 hours. It is difficult to remove the olive oil from hair and bedding and have you ever tried to keep a shower cap in a small child for 8 hours?

Salt water is far more effective - it basically kills lice instantly, rinses out easily but, it also does not remove the nits.

The quickest, safest, most efficient way to both remove head lice and remove all of their nits without combing is by using a protease enzyme shampoo. Peppermint is a natural lice repellant - when a louse comes in contact with something peppermint scented, it literally will turn around and walk away. Lice R Gone is the only patented, FDA registered medical device with peppermint on the market today.

Lice R Gone will safely and effectively remove both lice and nits in ten minutes if you have not previously used a toxic pediculicide POISON - if you have previously used a toxic lice POISON leave the Lice R Gone shampoo on for 30 minutes - this is done in order to dissolve the hardened nit glue. If you have an ongoing lice infestation - simply shampoo with Lice R Gone once a week for three weeks. There is enough in the Lice R Gone bottle to do 16 shampoos.

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