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How can I get my health care provider to be more effective in taking care of my health concerns?

Posted by Hollis

I've been having severe head aches, back pain, constant fatigue and random nagging pains that come and go in cycles, which occur in the left side of my body in my head, neck, shoulder, breast and below in my rib cage and lower stomach since May 2009 after I returned home from college in NYC.

I went on an extensive internet and calling search for a Doctor in my area that I could reach by bus since I don't drive. My doctor search was pretty much unsuccessful for a long time. But in September 2010 I was lucky enough to find an ARNP, upon the first visit she order a ton of blood test to see what was wrong with me after I told her all my issues. 

Well thank God all of the tests came back within normal range and they show that I am fine on paper. But one thing was that I had iron deficiency and I was prescribed 1 month's worth of iron initially and ordered to take 3 additional months worth of iron to build back up the reserve of iron in my system. 

Before I even began the iron for the first time, my ARNP said I should feel better once I take the iron but I still feel terrible. I still have the severe fatigue, headaches which have decreased and the back pain, but the other pain has subsided however. 

I've been to my ARNP 3 times total, I've told her my issues on each visit, she listens but kind of down plays what I'm telling her and she was convinced my feeling so terrible was just because of the iron deficiency. Well since I've been talking the iron it doesn't seem to make me feel physically better and it was suppose to! I just want to find out why I still feel so bad and fix it. 

I feel my ARNP is not taking me seriously and I am not getting my health needs met by her. I feel like I am spending too much money with her to not get the answers I need about my health.  

Ideally I would like a doctor NOT an ARNP and certainly not a young one which mine is. Ironically I'm her same age (late 20's) but I'd like someone who has been practicing medicine for at least 10 or more years. 

The only problem in finding a new doc is that the other doctors that I have researched in my local area are all STILL booked and not taking new patients! 

Anyway, if I can't end up finding an accessible doctor soon, I'm going to have to keep seeing my ARNP because at least she is very convenience to get to. 

My concern is getting her to understand that my issues have ruined the quality of my life. Before I had these problems I was super strong, energetic and active but now I feel like I'm a shell of my former self and I don't know what happened to me. 

How can this just happen to someone out of nowhere? It just seems like there is a problem that has been over looked.

How would I go about getting my ARNP to be more thorough in finding out why I keep having headaches, back pain and extreme fatigue?

One more thing, she actually told me that birth control pills help with fatigue, is that true? 

I've found information that it CAUSES fatigue in a lot of people, so if that is the case why would she suggest such a thing? Plus, birth control pills have other severe side effects that are worst than what I am experiencing now, there is no way I want to add to my troubles.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with my dilemma please let me know. Thank you.

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