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how are high potassium levels,high blood sugar levels and low oxygen levels all related to each other

Posted by Torrie44

79 yr old man develops a cough over a period of a couple of months. Gets to a point where beathing is now painfull. goes to the ER. Saturation levels are down to 79. Xray is insgnificant, first Ct scan is insignifcant. potasium levels next day shy rocket and so does the blood sugars levels. This man is a 40 yr diabetic also. Has breathing treatments every 4 hours...some imporvement....not significant. Can't be off oxygen or sat. levels drop. Next day potassium levels come down and so does blood glucose levels drop from 32 previous day to 4. Second CT scan is still incoclusive.. Taken off oxygen next day...doing fine....upon a short walk down the hall....oxygen levels drop and blood glucose level jump up into the 32's again.

 Any ideas of what might be going father's doctors are stumped.


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