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Hospital procedure, no procedure

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

Dealing with the Hospital can be compared to this picture, trying to push a Donkey uphill.

I just got off the Phone to the Surgical wait list, re my Bladder Stone/ Botox surgery.
I was old six to eight weeks before I had this surgery, Four months have passed (for those not in the Know).

One blasphemed and spat out some curses, with a desire to smite them all.
Firstly to remind the masses who don't read my blog, the stone remains in my Bladder (pouch) and has done for many months, actually not far off a year probably.
So oral antibiotics do nada (nothing).
When I get too symptomatic it means I.V antibiotics. That may last a week, if I am lucky.

The symptoms are back ache, stomach ache, body ache, temperatures (sometimes) nasty pee, headaches, lethargy, nausea, vomiting (if bad enough) and in my case uncontrollable diarrhoea if the bladder is too irritated and finally dada increased mucus production. Woohoo.

One tends to become rather bored with these symptoms after a while and I do my best to ignore them. However some days I cant ignore these symptoms, like the last few days.

Back to the "Phone call". Me "Where am I on the list", She "14 th August",
I nearly dropped my smoke.
"What,are you kidding"
She "well he is really busy",
Me "I was told a month ago I was on the Urgent/Urgent list".
Same dialogue on how busy the said, Surgeon is.
I'm thinking this is a piss take, oh COME ON!
But no it gets more interesting after some pathetic, pleading from mwah,
I mentioned how small the procedure is compared to other surgeries.
She "Its about an hour long",
I said yup o.k" including the Botox?",
She "What Botox?", "there is no mention of Botox?"
I'm thinking 'oh @#$%^&' now this is a complete piss take.

Is this going to be a placebo procedure? W.T.F, so now I'm not having my leakage dealt with at all!!! Unless he was sneaking in his own stash of Botox.
I mentioned my discussion with Surgeon, again she exclaimed "No.... it's just for stone removal"
Words are in my head, and on my tongue that I cannot write here.

Again I whine about the fact I have waited 18 months to stop this leakage, so it is not just a four month wait all up.

She said she will talk to him next week. She booked me in for three tentative dates, 31st of July, 5 th August, and 14 th August. I asked about cancellations,
"Any swine Flu cases cancelling?"
She "er um No"
Here I was thinking that there has to be something positive about Swine Flu, I mean my friend was cancelled having a procedure for having a sore throat for goodness sake.
I'm not being narcissistic, much.

In the meantime, I'm pushing a donkey uphill, with no idea when this will be resolved.
Read here for how our Doctors are treating patients with placebos. Our medicine is really taking off!!

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