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Posted by sami0804

I am interested in any offer of advice here. For the past 2 years I have been suffering from spinal compression fractures, and on Percocet. Well, I havne't had any recent fractures and going off the medication. I know what it feels like to go without the medicine for a day and the withdrawl symptoms are awful. My whole body aches terrible, I can hardly function. Any herbal help, or OTC medicine ANYTHING. I need advice.
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I have not exercised since these fractures started. Do you have any starting point? How will this process take my mind off of the body aches?

If you truely want to get off the percocet and feel you have become dependent on it you need to see a doctor who understands opiates and their physical dependence.  Subutex is the only medicine I know of that is made for detoxing off opiates.  People and doctors dont understand unless they have personally go through the sickening stage of opiate withdrawl.   15 mg 2x day  for as little as 3 days.  You will be a new person.  Contact a detox specialist.  Absolutely do not let them talk you into kills people.



hello,I know first hand what you are experiencing the safest and most comfortable way to get off of the medication is gonnabe treatment like in a detox or simply talk with your doctor about possibly tapering down the dosage.I have went to detox the main thing they do is wing you down from the opiate with a combination of medication including blood pressure medicatioion muscle relaxer such as flexaril benadryl for the crawling sensations (benadryl really helps!something for nausea and an anti sezure medication.It is not an easy ride what so ever but honestly coming off this alone is hard and there is nothing over the counter that is gonna help i have tried it all all i can say that will possibly help a little bit is benadryl and tyleol something for aches and pains and pepto bismol maybe some tylenol p.m to get some rest.I would really look into professional help to be safe,I hope this helps you and my prayers are with you again i know first hand i struggled with opiate addiction for six years i am 24,doctors were so quick to write the scripts i have an illness that i will deal with my entire life.I am currently on methadone which i dont insist taking under any meansunless its the last resort.
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