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Home Remedies for Heartburn, Natural Remedies for Heartburn Relief

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am

One of the popular home remedies for heartburn is fennel. You may have fennel seeds in your spice rack. You can make a tea by seeping one or two teaspoons of seeds in boiling water. There are also heartburn natural remedies available from companies that sell other herbs and natural products. Many of these include fennel oil.

Mixed with a little water and lemon juice, baking soda can quickly counteract the extra acid in your stomach, bringing you quick relief. The thing to be aware of though is that it contains a lot of sodium. If you have high blood pressure or are otherwise on a low sodium diet, you might want to try other alternatives until you have a chance to discuss this one with your doctor.

Chamomile can be found in most health food stores. It is commonly used to make a tea by simmering 1 teaspoon of licorice root powder in a cup of water for about 15 minutes then add 1 tablespoon of chamomile to the pot and cover and let brew for another 10 minutes. Use a tea strainer to remove grounds and then drink while warm. It is reported that this works well as a daily therapy for acid reflux heartburn.

Aloe Vera has also proven to be a great heartburn home remedy. It has an alkalizing effect on the body, meaning it will help neutralize acid, and thus will relieve your heartburn. Aloe Vera juice is readily available in capsule or liquid form in many supermarkets and stores.’

Ginger ale has been long used as a home remedy for heartburn. Warm ginger ale works best, but even cold ginger ale can help ease your symptoms. You can eat black licorice or take DGL tablets as well. If you decide to go with the tablets, take two at least 20 minutes before you eat a meal that you know will cause significant heartburn symptoms.

A few almonds will offer some relief during a heartburn attack. Make sure to chew them well to avoid swallowing excess air.

Apple Cider Vinegar - This sounds like a crazy idea, to add more acid to your stomach when you feel it is already on fire, but there is sound reasoning behind it. Organic apple cider vinegar contains natural enzymes that help your stomach digest food more quickly, and reduce the symptoms of heartburn. You only use a small amount, and processed apple cider vinegar will not work for heartburn.

Another natural way is to drink the juice of such vegetables as carrots, cucumbers, radishes or beet root. Vegetables are highly alkaline and work wonders on an acid stomach. They are also teeming with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost the overall health of the body.

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