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Home from Hospital

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

Pictures bottom.Christchurch Hospital "Main Entrance", Middle"Day Surgery Unit, Pre Operative Area", Top, The ward from my bed.

Finally home.

What I thought was to be a day case wasn't.
I was told when I arrived in there that I would be staying for a few days.
I hadn't been feeling very well and symptomatic with infection most of last week, which was worsening but my Surgeon wanted to keep me in regardless.

After receiving double the normal amount of premed(15mg Midazolam )the nurse was amused by the amount, however understanding of my anxiety of being in Hospital.
I asked if I could listen to my I pod to relax while I was in theatre.
I was surprised to hear I was able to.
I was asked what music I was listening to and at the time it was the latest Black Eyed Peas album, then they gave me more Midazolam I.V in which I finally relaxed.

At the time I was about to be put under I changed the song on my Ipod to Dixie Chicks "I'M not ready to make nice" which I thought was appropriate at the time.
When I woke, I was still listening to my Ipod.
I was confused wondering where the hell I was, the wonderful staff had reset my Ipod back to Black Eyed Peas, and I tried to relax while waves of nausea swept over me.
At one stage the P.A.C.U Nurse was concerned as I was going bright red in the face, she kept asking me if I was having an allergy reaction to something, I had no idea as I was too blitzed to really care.
I slept on and off all Friday and early hours of Saturday morning.
I was told at some stage by my Surgeon, that in fact a mistake had been made I didn't have a stone, it was a mucus plug they had seen previously in the year on Ultra Sound.
They did however give my pouch a really good lavage.
So here I was fighting infections all year that "weren't worth treating due to the stone continuing the infection", when I could have had some decent treatment.

I had the Botox injections, and everything else was good.
However Friday night I spiked some high fevers and my blood pressure was dropping, I had massive headaches and nausea.
I had already received I.V Gentamicin so it was supplemented with Augmentin I.V.

In general I have felt pretty crappy all weekend.
The antibiotics doing there usual trick of making me incredibly nauseous, so I was kept on I.V fluids until discharge this afternoon.
Due to having no real veins and all the I.vs had blown, I ended up with I.V in my foot, hobbling around was a pain at times, until it blew up last night, so now I have a cankle that's blue and red all over, nice one.
Its still swollen and I will watch it because I have ended up with phlebitis and cellulitis from having I.Vs in feet before.
I have finally managed to eat something small today, still head achy and quite lethargic.
On A. Bs for another week, a catheter in situ for a week and then its wait and see.
If this works(the botox) then it means a return to theatre every nine months or so for continual Botox injections.

On a positive note I met another patient with a Neobladder and who was also in for a leak repair.
It was wonderful to chat to another patient who had a much more positive experience than I have regarding the Neobladder, in spite of leakage problems.
I hope their problem is resolved and they continue having a much more positive journey. For the next week its constant flushing the catheter and pouch as its blocking alot, and is annoying as hell.
The Nurses were great Pre and Post Operative and it was nice to see some friendly faces.
It can take up to three weeks for me to see if this has been successful or not.
Fingers crossed.
Thank you for the comments guys, your great.xoxoxo Sphere: Related Content
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