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Hockey and snow and rain and wind and.....

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

Bottom photo, My eldest son,number 2, middle picture my youngest in front holding up orange stick, top photo my daughter preparing to exit the car.

It was a freezing day, rain, snow, sleet, high wind, and we sat stupidly outside watching the team win again this season. They have played well, and I am proud in spite of them being soaked to the bone.
I don't sit inside with the competitive mumsie mums who are all competing on how totally amazing their kids are and how they spent $90,000 on their new 4 WD, or how much private schools are superior to State, it just doesn't pull my chain. I would yawn ,crick, stretch, shove on my Ipod and drown out the white noise of their superiority.
I don't live through my kids successes or failures, they are theirs alone, as mine are mine.
I just love them regardless. Now we are at home thawing. Sphere: Related Content
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