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Hives: Idiopathic Urticaria Associated with GERD

Posted Jul 07 2009 9:40pm
October 22, 2003
Dr. Kurt Barrett
1695 M-66
Athens, MI 49011

Dear Dr. Barrett,

Since I have not had to come in and see you lately, I wanted to write this letter to express to you my heartfelt thanks for improving my quality of life!

For a decade, I had been to several allergy specialists and underwent testing only to be told that they did not know why I had hives on a daily basis and categorized me as having dermatographia (a highly sensitive skin type). This was a very uncomfortable “condition” because in addition to hives all over my body, my feet hands and lips would swell, I had excess mucous in my throat (I constantly had to clear it before I could speak), and I developed a highly nervous disposition which I believe was what they now call social anxiety. Throughout my life, I was calm under pressure, always performed well with and in front of any sized group, and had many friends. I know the difference between what I was and what I had turned in to. These specialists tried many medications, notably: Benedryl, Seldane, Allegra and Clariton, which I took on a daily basis, to control my hives. In addition, they categorized my nervousness as the cause (not an effect) of my condition. Upon my request, the doctors switched my medication to Zyrtec which made my sleepy and a little less nervous. For the past ten years, that is as good as it got.

When you suggested that I try the Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s), I immediately saw a reduction in nervousness and I no longer had to take Zyrtec on a daily basis to control my hives. The more I increased my PPI’s, the less Zyrtec I had to take (one pill every four days). My stomach acid was no longer as potent when it entered my esophagus.

When I tried the Baclofen to make the stomach/esophagus valve close, it decreased my need for Zyrtec to one pill every eight days!

Due to the fact that Bacolfen also made me sleepy, I decided to have the Nisson Fundoplication performed. This surgery, which wrapped the upper part of my stomach around the lower part of my esophagus, effectively keeps the valve closed.

I am ecstatic to say that I no longer have hives at all, no longer need to clear my throat in order to speak and my frame of mind is clear again. I feel more like myself. You have my gratitude and respect for the tenacity you showed in trying to fix my problem. Unlike other doctors who apathetically told me there was no cure, you were proactive in finding that cure. I am living proof that PPI’s work to reduce stomach acid in the esophagus, that Baclofen is a very effective gerd medication and that with the reduction of acid absorption by the esophagus through Nisson Fundoplication, a cure for a variety of illnesses is available.
I am happy to say I am free of medication, my hives no longer plague my daily existence, my throat mucous is gone and my social anxiety has completely abated.

God bless you for your efforts, and may he guide you in enlightening the medical community and the lives of others like me.



This lady was in her early 30's at the time this letter was written. In addition to her description of events she had a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). I have seen several patients who had experienced idiopathic urticaria resolve their chronic problem(s) in a similar manner, i.e. with sucessful, aggressive therapy for GERD.
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