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Hip pain for 5+ years -- been driving me mad!!

Posted by JE2248

Hi I'm a 24yr old female.

7 years ago (2002) I got up after sitting down and my right hip locked. It was enough to make me stop moving. In 2004 it started making really loud clunking and clicking noises whenever I moved it. I went to see my GP who didn't refer me on to anyone, however, in late 2006, it started hurting when it clicked.

I saw my GP again for this in late 2008, and I had an X ray which showed that my right hip was slightly dysplasic (dislocated). The most annoying thing about this was that the hospital I went to for the X ray never notified my GP I had one or what it showed!! I was none the wiser about the whole thing, because the consultant I saw up there said I was to get a letter about a bone scan.

So I was waiting for 3 months or so for a letter that was never produced...I went back to my GP again in the middle of Feb this year, and she noted slight resistance in my right hip when it was abducted.

I had a further X ray and I'm now waiting on the results but I'm desperate to know what it is because it's causing me so much pain and it's even worse around the time of my period.

I asked a GP online and he stated that my symptoms are similar to those of congenital hip dysplasia and that I could be developing complications which are leading to early onset arthritis.

Also I get a continuous throbbing pain in my groin and my boyfriend also said that he could feel a swelling around my right hip/groin area. Sometimes the pain varies and I get short sharp stabs in the same area or in my leg - painkillers don't seem to do anything and I've tried hot water bottles on it which doesn't help either because the pain comes back.

It's driving me insane at the moment because I want to see my GP again about the X ray results - if something came up on the first one, then something would be bound to come up on this one. But I have to wait for 10 working days (I won't be able to ask about them till 6 March) and I don't know if I can wait that long. I even called the NHS Direct line (UK health advice line where you can contact medical advisors) and the nurse I spoke to says it sounds like something I should really see my GP about.

Should I stick at it till my results are due to come back or should I see my GP sooner? I don't want to make it seem like I'm worrying them over nothing.



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