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Hi, what could cause a throbbing pain located just below the groin lymph nodes kind of near the Femural Artery?

Posted by RobbieD

It feels like there is a mass there. After I touch the area it will feel kind of hot.  Also, when I bring my knee straight up like I want to wash my feet, it feels like there is something in the hollow area between my abdomen and thigh, stopping my leg from coming up as high as it should. About six months ago I complained to my Dr. about just a little pain at that time and what seemed to me to be enlarged lymph nodes. She had an MRI done. They were found to be of normal size. Nothing else was done. The pain went away, but just lately it has gotten worse. Now I have the throbbing and heat. Not sure, but I think the mass is larger than what I thought were enlarged lymph nodes. Have not been exercising. What do you think? I am 50, female, thin and in good health.
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After researching your problem, I did not come up with many ideas as to what your problem may be. I'm glad you had the MRI done but that was 6 months ago and many things can happen in that time.

Pain is always a signal that something is wrong in your body. You need to go back to your doctor and have her re-check it. Pain, heat and throbbing symptoms could mean so many things I wouldn't attempt to guess.

I don't think exercising, or lack of has any affect on this at all. Your age on the other hand could certainly play a role in the diagnosis.

Please have it checked and let me know how it works out for you,


Health Maven


Thank you, Trudy for your time and effort to try to do research.

It's funny, as I was writing down the question and putting things into words; I realized 'have another MRI' would be the response. I had found it very strange that whoever read the MRI before said the lymph nodes were not enlarged, and yet if I look down at the area, I can see it raised in that hollow between the abdomen and the leg. The other side does not look like that. I have found though, that the pain and heat is intermittent, mainly seems to bother when I sit for a long period (maybe putting pressure on ... whatever).


Robbie D, that is my exact problem. I am a 47 year old male and after complaining about this pain (at times biting/pinching) I was refered for urinal tract and prostate ultrasound and given loads of anitbiotic but still till today the throbbing pain remains. My pain is worst late afternon after sitting whole day at my desk. I usually wake up without pain and then it gradually feels like appendix but I have no appendix.
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