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Herniated Lumbar Disc Getting Worse? Consider the DRX9000

Posted Jul 29 2008 6:06pm

Md_news_photos_011 If you have a herniated disc in your low back, and your condition is not responding to chiropractic care, physical therapy, or medications...what should you do?

What if you know you have a herniated disc, but most of the time it is you need to worry it could get worse?

These are both questions and concerns that I am dealing with on a daily basis at Executive Express Chiropractic in downtown San Francisco. Here's my take:

If you know you have a herniated disc, it is because you had an MRI at some point...which means your low back was really bothering you and you probably went on some kind of treatment plan...and were given home care instructions by a chiropractor, PT, or medical doctor.

If your back got better and you stuck with the home care...maybe the pain never comes back, because you know you have the herniated disc and modify your lifestyle to prevent further injury.

However...if you do all of this and the herniated disc pain never improves, or only improves a little..or keeps coming you should be concerned.

Sometimes disc herniations take on a life of their own and get progressively worse and unresponsive to conservative treatments. This can be scary...and could lead to a serious downward spiral.

This is where nonsurgical spinal decompression should be considered. 

Nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000 is often times able to help, when all else fails. It's a logical next step if you do not want surgery.

You don't have to be in serious pain either. I have patients that just feel something they don't like every day...and nothing helps it. Because when you get older...these irritations can become crippling.

You do have to have a desire to be healthy and active vs. someone that would rather live with pain because it's part of aging. Because the DRX9000 is NOT a magic bullet. It takes 6 weeks of treatment to go through the program...and there is plenty of home care and's not for everyone.

But...if you value health and want to be active as you age...spinal decompression could be the answer.

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